Sing Into Reading offers school visits and private classes

What happens when a singer/dancer/actor realizes that she is really meant to be a teacher? What happens after she gets an M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and a ton of training in Literacy?

She integrates the teaching of Literacy with Music and Movement, and Sing Into Reading is born!

Hi, I'm Risa, a passionate progressive educator, and I teach Literacy through Music and Movement.

I offer private cllasses to a limited number of dedicated families. I work with people of all ages and abilities to bring them to the next step in their literacy journey - with music.

I often speak at schools, conferences, and edu-events of all sorts.

And if you would like a free class, just email me. In your free class, I will ask you about where your children are in their literacy journey, and how I can help. I can't wait to meet you!

Keep singing,
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[email protected]

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Risa Beth Cohen, M.S.Ed.

Risa has been teaching Music and Movement to children since 1994. She holds an M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Bank Street College. As a classroom teacher, she taught kindergarten and first grade in NYC public schools, where her classroom served as a lab site for Writing Workshop. Risa studied at The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she served on leadership groups. She taught Music and Literacy in NYC public schools, and served West Side Montessori for ten years as the Music/Literacy Co-Curricular.

Risa is a passionate progressive educator. As the Founder and Creative Director of Sing into Reading, Risa offers an integrated curriculum, teaching language and literacy through music and movement. She works with babies, preschoolers, and early elementary students, as well as teens and adults with special needs. Additionally, Risa performs at schools and libraries, and trains teachers and library workers.

She lives in Toledo, OH with her husband, two sons, and two cats. 

Contact Risa at Sing Into Reading by email 

 [email protected] 

or by phone

855-266-SING (855-266-7464)