Baby Music

Make more "rosy moments" with songs and games to sing and play with your little one

Let's make some music!


Music is magic! Music ignites every part of the brain. Give your child the gift of music.

Movement and Touch

Your little one learns about their world through movement and touch. More touch leads to more learning.


Enroll in Baby Music to strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

Carrie Blaesing Dadey

"You will adore Risa Cohen. She is the best kind of people. She's like a walking miracle."

Ana Serrano

"We love Sing Into Reading. Every session is rich with information, songs, and activities that have really sparked my daughter's curiosity in reading and writing. The songs are fantastic. And I'm impressed with Risa's ability to connect with the kids."

Kathleen Rice-Mierzwiak

"Risa  is  that look  you in  the  eye  kind  of  musical  master  that makes  not  only   the children mesmerized but parents tapping  their  toes  in their  shoes  as  they  watch  the  kids  hold  onto  her  words  and  rhythm....only to  find  yourself singing and  humming long  after  the  lesson."

Amy Kirsch

"Risa Cohen has a gift with children of every age. She connects both musically and to the heart, and children light up with inspiration and motivation to learn more."


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  • one year of unlimited access to Baby Music ($200 value)
  • a "Sing into Reading" mug ($20 value)
  • membership in a members-only supportive facebook community ($47 value)
  • the digital book, Oh Baby, I Love You, personalized with your child's name and pictures ($40 value)
  • a recording of "Oh Baby, I Love You," personalized with your child's name ($30 value)
  • a year of monthly live classes ($240 value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $577

All for $200 - about the cost of a night out to dinner (especially when you factor in babysitting).

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Baby Music

If you are a parent who values education, music, and love, you will love these classes.

Let's make some music!

If you missed the free class on 10/23/20, here is the replay.



Sign up now and your purchase will include a video like this one with a digital book (personalized with your child's name and pictures), and a recording of your baby's song.

Let's make some music!