Love Fest with Sing into Reading

Hosted by Risa Beth Cohen, MSEd

February 11, 8:30pm EST Masterclass for Parents:
Learn how to build a loving literacy foundation for your child through songs, snuggles, and simple routines.

February 12, 1 pm EST
Baby Music:
In this class, you will learn songs and games that will introduce your baby to literacy, and strengthen the bond between you.

Febrary 14, 4pm EST Love Fest: a Family Concert
Learn songs and games to sing and play with your little one that will teach reading and writing with love.

Love Fest with Sing into Reading:

A free week of learning literacy through songs

Let's make some music!

All are welcome - regardless of musical ability. No skills or equipment necessary.

Join us for three classses.

Are you and your kids ready for some fun?

Space is limited. One email gets you admission to all the classes.

You and your baby or child under eight are in for a treat! Just look how excited this student is in our class!