Does your child love music? 

Come to a free music and movement class!

Learn how to teach your child to read with music and love. 

Sing into Reading Open House

Choose Monday or Tuesday if your child is 4 - 8 years old.

Choose Wednesday if your child is 1 -4 years old.

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Darcy Logan

Thank you, Risa.  I was a Kindermusik educator for 20 years, so I have a good variety of songs...but love more and fresh ideas.  I have my favorite back pocket oldies but goodies. BUT, new ideas are always welcome.  I am back to teaching in the classroom now, and still LOVE music, but am not doing just that.  When you talked about adding the literacy component in your training, I felt like that was the missing piece for me that was needed. We do a "journal" reading, but it just didn't fit who I was. I think doing the music is doing the same thing...but adding an element of what was really missing and what I know is SO good for the classroom and kids. THANK YOU!   The kids are LOVING Peter Rabbit. :)

Holly Allen

Risa has an amazing class! She does a combination of new songs and old favorites and we love singing them when we are at home.

Laura Megeath

"Singing with Risa was one of the highlights of my toddler’s week!"

Kathleen Rice-Mierzwiak

Risa,  is  that look  you in  the  eye  kind  of  musical  master  that makes  not  only   the children mesmerized but parents tapping  their  toes  in their  shoes  as  they  watch  the  kids  hold  onto  her  words  and  rhythm....only to  find  yourself singing and  humming long  after  the  lesson  or  show

Michael Rowland

Risa Cohen is a talented musician and vocalist. She is kind, caring and has a natural way of connecting with children. I have seen firsthand the way my children and their classmates hang on her every word and note. Risa is an exemplary teacher and outstanding individual!