If you know me, you know that I am the Creative Director of Sing into Reading, and I teach literacy through music. You probably also know that I write songs. 

Did you know that I write stories. too? You might not know because, until this week, I had never submitted a story for publishing. I have been writing stories for young readers since 2001, when I took "Children's Literature" at Bank Street College. And, I want to share them with the world, so I am (finally) submitting! I made two submissions earlier this week (to a contest and an award) and today I will submit to #50PreciousWords.

50PreciousWords is a writing contest run by Vivan Kirkfield. Vivan is a wonderfully talented author for young readers. Check out her books!

Here is my submission for #50PreciousWords:


“Mommy, why does the light switch say, ‘No?’”


“The light switch doesn’t say, ‘No.’”


“Yes, it does.”


“The light switch doesn’t talk.”


That says, ‘No.’”


“You’re so smart! N, O would say ‘No.’
Same letters - turn them around. O, N says, ‘ON.’”




“Now it says ‘Yes!’”

I write two kinds of stories for young readers: autobiographical slice-of-life stories like The Light Switch, and I write some of my songs into books intended to be shared reading texts. I am seeking representation.

Singing, dancing, acting, and writing are my creative outlets. They help me make sense of the world. What are your creative outlets? How do you make sense of the world? Leave a comment and let me know.

Keep singing,



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