Cherish the Rosy Moments

gratitude learning love Dec 10, 2020

You know those moments where you feel like you are in a Capra fim, and everything feels right? I call them "rosy moments." Cherish them.

I have two boys, 12 and 14. When I think back on their babyhood and when they were young children, I remember a few rosy moments. (And I remember a few "not-so-rosy-moments.") The rest is a wash.

When you find yourself in a rosy moment, cherish it. Write about it. Save it.

I would like to give you more rosy moments with your little ones. Please come to a free class. I am offering a free Baby Music class tomorrow, sign up here: Parents of 2-8 year olds, please come to the Open House. Sign up here:

Enjoy your holidays. 

Cherish the rosy moments.

Keep singing,


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