Finding and Keeping the Beat: a class for kids under seven


Finding and Keeping the Beat:
a class for kids under seven

We've got the beat!

In this multi-age class, Risa Beth Cohen, M.S.Ed., Creative Director of Sing into Reading, teaches about the beat. Students practice beat synchronization with their torsos, hands, and feet. Modifications can be made to this class (or any of Risa's classes)  for your age group and abilities.

In this class, Risa sings two of her original songs, "Oh, Friends, We Love You," and "Hello With One Hand." These are both zipper songs that allow students to add their own ideas, giving them a sense of ownership. In "Hello with One Hand," students suggest different parts of the body. "Oh Friends, We Love You" can be sung as a name song, "Oh____, We Love You" making the song more personal and meaningful.

Songbooks and resources are provided after classes. In Risa's songbooks, the text is color-coded with red consonants and blue vowels. (If you would like to color-code your text, you can get the free text converter here.) The songbook for this class can be found at the bottom of this post.

This is a 15-minute sample of Risa's work. Her full classes are usually at least twice as long as this, and jam-packed with learning and FUN! Risa is able to work with crowds of any size, and can customize a music and movement class to focus on any theme. She offers professional developent for educators and families, as well. You can read reviews from some of Risa's former students and workshop participants here. If you would like to contact Risa about a visit to your school, museum, library, or institution, email [email protected]


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